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3D flash game!

2008-03-18 16:59:49 by Disarray-yarrasiD

That's right I finally finished Geom', one of the first (real) 3D flash games made in flash 8. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Oh ya, I have three ideas for my next game:

1) 3D Starfox game
2) 3D platformer (it would be cool and involve switching views kinda like Echochrome to move around)
3) FPS (I would need to learn AS3.0 and papervision 3d before doing this though, so I might not be able to deliver anytime soon)

Tell me what one you think is the best :D

PS, if you could recommend it for driving games, that would be great too.


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2008-03-18 17:12:02

It's looking nice although it could use some more detail. How did you actionscript it to make it 3D?

Disarray-yarrasiD responds:

Its pretty complex code and all of the classes used take up hundreds of lines.


2008-03-18 19:55:43

Well, it technically isn't 3D if you think about it. It's just actionscript coded to follow the laws of 3D, so that a person wouldn't be able to tell a difference. Real 3D is not possible in flash. Btw im also working on a 3D game, except its somewhat of a tilebased platformer. I'm still working on the engine.

I'd like to see you do a 3D platformer, I haven't seen much, if not any of those. Good luck on your games :]

Disarray-yarrasiD responds:

Thanks, but its not traditional psuedo (draw 360 frames of an object etc) 3d either, its like a very basic rendering engine with camera control, rotations, shading culling and basic effects.


2008-03-18 20:28:16

not one of the first real 3d flash games (just on newgrounds) but still pretty cool.


2008-03-18 22:58:00

My advice is to do something simplistic you know you can achieve in AS2 and then use that to learn AS3 with.
Also, if you interested in PV3D take a look at the WoW engine too.


2008-03-19 04:44:07

go for the starfox game dude. duh


2008-03-19 15:14:03