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Entry #9

Rhythm Game

2009-08-29 23:59:30 by Disarray-yarrasiD

So, I finally finished work for the summer and I decided to celebrate by working on a new game.

I had previously been working on a nifty little game that, through an interface with the google maps api, was able to simulate a zombie infection anywhere on earth. Unfortunately, Google ran into some legal issues when designing the code, which prevents the draw method from being called with a map object as its parameter. The funny thing is that this only happens when the code is run online, so I was nearly finished the game before I realized that it wasn't going to work in its intended capacity.

Anyway, the new game is going to be something like Audiosurf crossed with Spider Man: you swing through a street constructed from song data collecting boxes for points. Right now I don't have all that much done, and as it stands, the "game" is really just an interesting interactive audio visualizer.

Check it out and tell me what you think: 0

1) click to open up the file chooser and pick any mp3 song
2) wait about 5 seconds for the song to load
3) move the mouse to the right or left to make that speaker louder or softer
4) move the mouse to the bottom to play the song forwards
5) move the song to the top to play the song backwards

Rhythm Game


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2009-08-30 00:16:56

This is incredibly fun !
Good job !

Disarray-yarrasiD responds:

thanks :D


2009-08-30 03:12:38

awesome fun cant wait for it
maybe you should just let this be a simulator in itself so we can have fun without the boxes and mess aroun with songs

Disarray-yarrasiD responds:

I'm considering releasing a visualizer in addition to the game, I just have to create move visualization modes :P